Our Leadership

Shawn Payne - President

Prior to founding PNP Construction, Inc. in 2001, Shawn was employed as an Estimator/Project Manager for a large local general contractor.  Shawn started in the construction field as a general laborer performing concrete demolition work.  He quickly learned the concrete and carpentry trades.  By the age of twenty-five, Shawn was promoted to field superintendent managing a multi-million dollar project.  By the age of 27, Shawn had become a partner in the firm as a full time Estimator and Project Manager.  In 2001, Shawn left the company to pursue the dream of founding and running his own company.   PNP Construction, Inc. was founded shortly after.   Since the company’s inception in 2001, Shawn has been dedicated to building the company on the following five values/principles:

  • Community: PNP Construction, Inc. understands the importance of getting involved in local activities that enrich the culture of our local community.
  • Family: It is within the culture of PNP Construction, Inc. that family comes first. The company’s success is not always measured by the company’s profitability. However it is more commonly measured by the amount of quality time spent with family.
  • Vision: PNP Construction, Inc. truly believes that being able to create something from an idea is one of the most rewarding things in business. To have a vision, to have confidence in that vision, and to act to make that vision a reality is paramount to our success.
  • Integrity: We’ve tried to always maintain a firm structure of integrity since 2001. It isn’t always easy to follow through and do what is morally right when nobody else is looking. Some of these decisions and actions were, at times extremely painful and hard; however, morally and ethically these actions have strengthened the company.
  • Efficiency: As a whole PNP Construction Inc, believes that being efficient means being faster than your competition, having better plans than your competition, and having the ability to do more with less than your competition. We strive to be efficient daily.