ADA Solutions

With single source phasing from initial survey through final construction, you can depend on our team to be proactive, dedicated and focused on solving your disabled access compliance issues.  ADAS’ experienced team work closely throughout all phases of the project to ensure the most cost effective solution is implemented.  The success of every project is the result of great communication. We take pride in listening to our clients needs and developing communication to ensure a successful project from start to finish.


ADAS comprehensive surveys not only identify compliance deficiencies, they include real world solutions explaining how to remedy each deficiency. Each survey is conducted by CASp certified architects.

Cost Estimating

In conjunction with the survey preparation, ADAS’ professional estimating team will identify potential solutions to your ADA compliance needs.  Once  these corrective measures are identified, the professional estimating team will prepare detailed cost estimates to show all potential costs associated with the correction of all the identified barriers that are shown in the Survey.  At ADAS, the estimating team strives to find the most cost effective  solutions to help you achieve full compliance.

Ownership Review

ADAS works with you to prioritize and implement a transition plan to get your property compliant. We solicit competitive bids on all project trades involved for the work to be completed allowing owners to be confident  in the most competitive pricing available

Construction Documents

ADAS team of architects will complete all construction documents needed. Working closely with our building team ensures that drawing detail matches the cost estimate solution and avoids costly field inspection conflicts; resulting in the project being completed on time and on budget.

Permit Application

ADAS will act as your concierge to city and county building departments to handle all permitting and approvals required.


ADAS takes great pride in our high quality and execution on every project. Our construction team is involved every step of the way, our intimate knowledge of your project allows us to proactively review and suggest cost saving strategies -  saving time and money.

Why is a CASp inspection so important?

Senate Bill 1608 (Chapter 549, Statutes 2008) added Civil Code section 55.53(c) which states that every CASp who conducts an inspection of a place of public accommodation shall, upon completing the inspection of the site, provide the building owner or tenant who requested the inspection with a notice, which the State Architect shall make available as a form on the State Architect's Internet Web site.

In accordance with Civil Code section 55.53(c), DSA has posted the following notice:

With the passage of Senate Bill 1608 we have been receiving numerous inquiries regarding this bill and how it relates to the CASp program. Senate Bill 1608 does not change the requirements or operation of the CASp program. The bill does provide certain legal rights to individuals whose facilities have been inspected by a Certified Access Specialist. SB 1608 also requires local agencies to employ or retain Certified Access Specialists by specified dates. Review the text of SB 1608.